SmithSquad Podcast #117 w/ YouTuber Matt Shea

January 3, 2017

Matt Shea is a Gaming YouTuber with 1.5 million subscribers from the East Coast of Canada. This was our first time ever chatting, but it was a super cool conversation :)


SmithSquad Podcast #116 - Some Real Talk.

December 29, 2016

Today we talk about New Years resolutions, setting your goals, and some deep philosophical talks about life. This was another really good one :)


SmithSquad Podcast #115 w/ MrRoflWaffles

December 22, 2016

Today I sit down with Milo to talk about zombies. Unresolved questions, the future of zombies and a lot more. Buckle up, this is a good one.


SmithSuqad Podcast #114 w/ mcsportzhawk - Z House Stories

December 16, 2016

Today we look back on the z house as well as looking towards the future of the house :D


SmithSquad Podcast #113 w/ TheSmithPlays

December 2, 2016

Pat goes solo today, talking about his motivations for youtube, drugs, religion and a lot of other stuff. Also ProGamerJay was in the livestream chat which made things a little more interesting.


SmithSquad Podcast #112 w/ ToProForUGames

November 25, 2016

Today Adam joins the podcast for some more nostalgic zombies talk, along with going to school and university!


SmithSquad Podcast #111 w/ JCBackFire

November 16, 2016

Lot's of Zombies Talk! :)


SmithSquad Podcast #110 - Impseronating Accents w/ Dave

October 27, 2016

Dave returns with some concussion talk and impersonating accents!


SmithSquad Podcast #109 w/ CodeNamePizza

October 20, 2016

This is a really good episode with a lot of zombies talk :)


SmithSquad Podcast #108 w/ Azura

October 6, 2016

Today we talk with Azura on the Zombies ending, being a youtuber, and the state of the zombies community on YouTube.